Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas 2010

Here's what went down on Christmas day this year.

The girls woke up and got going on those presents!

Kate was just happy to tear the wrapping paper.  For real.  That could have been her Christmas present, just unwrapping gifts.
She thought that was great!

Kate asked for a new baby stroller since her old one broke.  She also got her very own doll to push in the stroller.  She was cruising with that thing, running all around the island in the kitchen!

She also got a Leap Frog fridge magnet toy (She loves watching Letter Factory and knows almost all the sounds that go with each letter.  She's such a smarty!), some clothes, a new dress-up dress and a few things in her stocking.  Santa was sure not to overdo it this year.  Every year we say we won't overdo it, but this year we really didn't (at least w/ Kate).

Emmy opened her presents (some new dress-ups, dresses {that is all she wants to wear.  I can never get her to wear pants!}, a Memory game, a Tangled/Rapunzel game to go with her Leapster and some things in her stocking).  

She had asked Santa for a new bike.  Well, sneaky Santa, he hid it behind a chair and covered it with a blanket!  When we found it, Emmy ripped that blanket right off and was so excited!

She was ready to put her helmet on and ride that princess bike:

She also got a Rapunzel Barbie and a Tag Reader from Leap Frog with a bunch of books to read with it from Grammy and Papa.  She was really spoiled this year for Christmas!

As for Jake and Michelle:
Jake got a new gun {oh how we loves his guns}, a new phone and a few knick-knacks for Christmas.
Michelle was spoiled and got a Kindle!  Along with some new boots, a popcorn popper and a few other knick-knacks.

I try not to make Christmas about the gifts, but it sure is fun to open presents on Christmas!  It's even more fun to watch your kids see what Santa brought them and open all the beautifully wrapped presents.  

Santa actually only brings one present to each child in our family each year and the rest are from mom and dad.  Otherwise, Santa wouldn't be able to fit everything in his sack!  And we know which presents are from Santa because there is a little silver bell tied to them.

The rest of Christmas day was totally relaxed.  We spent the day in our jammies (I wish we could do that more often!) and nibbled on yummy food all day.  

Poor mommy got sick that night and most of what she ate came right back up.  But luckily she felt better the next day :)

We really loved spending time with each other and with our family that lives nearby {we live right next door to Grammy and Papa.  Lindsey and her family came up in the afternoon and spent the night}.  We watched movies, relaxed and played with our new gifts.

We had such a fabulous Christmas this year and hope you did, too!


Sammy said...

so darling! oh your girls are so beautiful they are getting so old, looks like christmas was amazing

Anne-Marie said...

Christmas really is so magical. I love watching my kids open their gifts and your girls looked like they were in heaven.
You look AMAZING! Remind me what you're doing again...i know you mentioned a website you use?
I'm gearing up to start getting in shape again!

The Yoder's Four said...

Santa brought Madelyn a bike, too. She was so excited until she tried riding git down the street and got going too fast. Since then it's sat in the garage. Oh, well--there's always spring!

I miss the days when Mark got two weeks off for Christmas......glad you had a lot of family time. :)

Amy said...

Isnt' it the best with kids! Especially now that they get it? So fun for us! Looks like a fab Christmas!