Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kate {15 months}

{I LOVE this pic}

Yes, it's true. This sweet girl is 15 months old!

Her personality has definitely {blossomed} over the past few months.

We took her to her 15 month well check and here are her stats:

{Weight}: 25.08 lbs (85th percentile)

{Height}: 33 inches (off the chart!)

Kate is talking like crazy! Here are some new words she's saying:

* Tickle, tickle
(she's been saying this for a few months but I forgot to put it on the last word post)
* A bite
* More
* All done
*Down (when she wants to get down)
* Emmy
* Amen
* Shoe
* Ga ga (translation = doggy, or any animal)
* Meow
* Hello (sounds like "hewo" - so cute!)
* Ouch! (she does this right before pinching someone - usually me.)
* Go
* Nanna (for banana)
* Book (sounds more like "boo")
* CC (my friend's name - the only other name she says besides family!)
* Ball
* Balloon

And she said her first sentence!!! Jake was leaving and she yelled out, "Bye, da da!" It was really cute and I was a proud mama since it was her first actual sentence (even if it was only two words . . .).

I might have to add more later if there are some words I forgot . . .

She still loves putting things in her mouth (as you can see from the picture above).

She loves folding her arms during the prayer. She looks around at everyone excitedly while the prayer is being said and sometimes (not every time) yells out "amen!"

We have a little doll stroller and Kate LOVES pushing it around. If anyone else tries to use it, she is not a happy camper.

When she wakes up in the morning, if Emmy isn't awake yet Kate will run to her door, push on it and start banging on it. So sweet - she loves her sister!

She LOVES music! When I put something on that is upbeat, she gets so excited, squeals and starts bouncing! She especially loves "California Gurls" and "Hot 'n Cold" by Katy Perry. She even does the "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh" at the end of the chorus in "California Gurls" - seriously adorable.

If I'm not giving her enough attention, she will pinch my ankles with her little pincher fingers! That's when she says "ouch". Little stinker! It's especially not fun when I'm trying to make dinner and she's doing it. There's only so much a mom can do!

She is such a good eater! She will pretty much eat anything. SO different from Emmy. She was such a picky eater. It's nice to have a child actually eat what I give her for a change!

She LOVES the nursery at church. I usually go in with her during the first hour so she can play. I just hope she keeps loving it so we can have a smooth transition when she turns 1 and 1/2.

She loves books. She brings them to me and says her cute little version of "book".

She's got all of her teeth except for her "I" teeth.

{She let us wrap her in a burrito the other day - we used to swaddle her like that when she was a baby. It was cute that she actually laid there and let us do it!}

She still loves the boat! Seriously loves it. Last time we went out, she and I went for a ride on the tube. She loved it so much that I even let Jake drive a little faster than normal. She's gonna be my little daredevil, I can feel it :)

We love this girl more than words can say! She is such a happy girl and lights up our lives!


Anne-Marie said...

You two seriously make the cutest girls. Wow-off the charts for height?!

Hoylelicious said...

SO CUTE!!! I love their little personalities and the fun things they do!M

Ammon and Tasha said...

What a cutie!!!

Mary said...

So sweet. She is such a fun little girl.