Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dollar Store Magnet Board

I don't usually blog about crafts and projects that I do, but this one is so adorable and easy, I couldn't resist blogging about it!

A few months ago, I was at the Dollar Tree when I found some metal serving trays. I got the great idea to spray paint them and turn them into a play serving tray!

The one I did at the beginning of the summer is used to hold Emmy's play cupcakes:

So I got another idea . . . why not use one for a magnet board? It is my niece's birthday this week. She's turning eight and so this is right down her alley. I thought I would make one for her for the big day.

Here's how I made it:

1) I started with a rectangular serving tray (I found it in the wedding section)

2) I primed the edges (when I did the first serving tray, I didn't prime it and the spray paint didn't go on very evenly . . . it could have been a faulty nozzle, but I thought I'd prime it this time just to be safe)

3) Next, I spray painted the tray. I had already picked out my scrapbook paper that I was going to mod podge onto the tray, so I used a coordinating color.

4) I cut out the paper to fit the center of the tray. Then I mod podged it on.

5) I got these clear glass oval rocks at the dollar store, too. These are what I made the magnets out of.

6) I cut my paper to fit on the glass rocks and glued it on. Then I glued on my magnets.

{This is what it will look like from the front. I also used some rub-on letters to spell her name on the magnets}

Add a small easel (I had one already, but you could get one at the thrift store and spray paint it any color you want), some tulle or ribbon and - Voila! An adorable magnet board!!!

My niece loved it! I will definitely be making more of these. The one I made for my niece cost me a total of $2.00! I bought the tray and the glass rocks - everything else I had on hand!

I love me a fast, easy, budget friendly project - especially when it is for a birthday!

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Mary said...

That is so cute!! I think I'll be trying that too/ Thanks for the play by play on how-to.

Katie Gauger said...

This is a very cute idea and one that others would love to do too. Would you mind if I posted your link to this cute craft on my Visiting teaching surprise blog, so that everyone can have a great idea for an inexpensive little gift for their sister they teach or their friends? I have made these too, but done things alittle different, but they turn out about the same. I dont' have a tutorial all created either, so if you wouldn't mind me linking this blog post, I would love it and others would too. Thanks Katie G. http://visitingteachingsurprise.blogspot.com

Deirdra said...

Aren't you so creative! I love it. You should definitely share more ideas.

Deirdra said...

Aren't you so creative! I love it. You should definitely share more ideas.

Jami said...

This is really cute! I am sure your niece will love this!

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Bummer! I was just at the Dollar Tree tonight and totally missed getting the supplies to do this awesome project. Thanks for the fabby inspiration!


The Yoder's Four said...

Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing. I love the new subway art for Emmy's room, too. LUCKY!!