Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!

We had a great Independence Day this year! We actually celebrated it on July 5th, which is the day our town had all of it's festivities.

What is it about the 4th of July? I love everything about it. The parade. The family. The friends. The food - gotta have a bbq!

We started off the day going to the parade, which Emmy, of course, loved. Then it was off to the park because I was performing with my friend, Jessica. We had a 45 minute show and had a great time singing together! The girls played while we sang.Jessie and I singing away!

I have such beautiful girls!

Look at those sweet cheeks! Don't you just want to squeeze them?

I made the girls' shirts - I bought plain tanks and red, white and blue fabric which I sewed on as a ruffle at the top. Simple, patriotic and fun!

Then it was time for the bbq, baby! My sister and her family came up from St. George and we had a great time visiting and eating delicious food.

Cedar City just opened up a fishing pond that has a beach for swimming. So we threw on our suits and headed to the beach. It was a blast and the kids absolutely loved it. Kate especially loved sitting in the water and eating rocks because, as we all know, rocks taste great :)

See Kate looking for rocks?

We ended the day lighting our own fireworks at home. Emmy and Jake set them off and they had a fabulous time! And I got some great pictures of them having a blast!

Throwing the "snaps" and listening to them pop. Emmy didn't dare throw them herself :)

Enjoying the fireworks with daddy

Emmy adores her daddy!



The Yoder's Four said...

I love those polka dot swimsuits! So cute! You must have had such a crazy busy week. I didn't realize you had given a concert in the park on top of everything else.

Hoylelicious said...

That is so cool - where is that "lake" I love the 4th as well its so much fun!! Summer holidays are SOO much better.

Anne-Marie said...

One of my favorite holidays too. Beautiful pics as always!