Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kate {11 months}

It's time for another Kate update!  

Another month has gone by and she is 11 months old.  
She will be one next month - cRaZy!

This little one is growing like a weed.

She is a whopping 23 lbs, 1 oz 

Here is what she's been up to:

She is pulling herself up on everything now!

She likes to stand all by herself!  She is getting better at balancing and will be walking before we know it. 

She can make her first animal sound!  If you ask her what a duck says, she answers with this cute little "quack" - it really is cute.

She has six teeth!  The newest additions are the ones just to the right and left of her two upper front teeth.  And I can feel where her molars are coming in.  My kids get their molars early, but if they're teething, might as well get as many in as we can, right?

She is such a fun and sweet girl.  I still can't believe she is almost one!  We love our Katers!


Holli said...

She is so cute! Hey I have a new blog it's It's Jeffs mission blog. Check it out. Love Aunt Holli

Mary said...

She's so cute, I love that face she makes! It is crazy that she's almost a year old! Time has just flown by.