Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kate {10 months}

Wowza!  This little one is already 10 months old!

She weighs 22 lbs 2 oz

{No wonder my back is hurting all the time!}

I didn't record how much Emmy weighed at 10 months, but at 9 months Emmy was 18.5 lbs - so Kate is definitely bigger than Emmy was.  I already knew this since Kate is wearing clothes that Emmy wore when she was around 15 months old!

Here is what she's been up to:

- She's crawling!  She has been so close for two months and she finally got brave enough to do it.  She's not a little tornado or anything (so opposite from her sister!) but if she wants to get somewhere, she just crawls this cute, little crawl.

- She is starting to pull herself up.  At least she tries a lot.  She has only been successful once :)  I went into her room to get her up from a nap and there she was, standing there.
- She has been teething for the past two weeks and the dang teeth won't break through!  Her poor mouth.  And her poor nose - it has been running non-stop for the past two weeks.  We have to watch out for snot-rockets!

- I've been letting her watch the My First Signs DVD from Baby Einstein and she is learning some signs!  The other day I was saying "daddy" to her and she brought her hand up to her face and totally did the sign!  I was so proud :)  She tries to do the "ball" sign, too, but she doesn't quite have it yet.  Does she do the "mommy" sign?  Of course not!

- She LOVES her bottle and she LOVES to eat!  She is eating a lot of finger foods now and her favorites are strawberries, bananas, those little dried yogurt bites and Cheerios.
{Emmy and Kate have twin Dora chairs, thanks to Ella!  She gave us her old one}

Like I always say, she is SO MUCH FUN to have around!  We LOVE our little, laid-back Kate!


April said...

Wow if they aren't sisters. I never really saw it till that last picture. So cute!!! Oh Michelle I can't believe your baby is 10 months. So cute and so big! I know my little guy will be 10 months before I know it and he's not even born yet.

Mary said...

She is so big & so cute! I love her curly hair :) Can't wait to see you all this weekend! It's so fun to hang out!

Lara said...

Such a cutie patootie! I love the picture of their chairs...when Chloe was about Kate's age we had to get her one to match Bria's...that just brought back a flood of memories!

Anne-Marie said...

You two sure make some adorable little girls! I think the crawling phase is so cute, but they get so dirty.

Harris Family said...

They are such cute little girls! They grow up so fast. I can't believe Kate is already ten months. Really time flies once you have kids!

Hansen Family said...

So so cute. Love those girls...and Way To Go Kate!!!