Friday, April 23, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a great Easter this year!  

We taught Emmy about the Resurrection and now she tells me all the time that Jesus died on the cross but He came alive again!

The Easter festivities started on Saturday when we went to my sister's house for a BBQ and Easter egg hunt.  The kids had a blast looking for the eggs we hid all around the yard.  Thanks to Lindsey and Ella who stuffed all the eggs!

{The girls wanted to dress-up for the Easter egg hunt}

{Hunting for eggs}

{Look at all those eggs!}

As if the candy wasn't enough sugar for the kids, after the Easter egg hunt they decorated cookies and cupcakes.  Yum yum!

{Ellie and Emmy, still dressed up, of course}

On Saturday night, we left a plate of carrots and a note for the Easter Bunny telling him thank you. Emmy wanted to draw on the note so she drew a funny little "smiley" face.  I say "smiley" in quotes because the mouth isn't really smiling.
{The artist hard at work}

{See the "smiley" face?  It's right under (or above) "Love, Emmy" - two big eyes and a squiggly mouth}

On Easter morning, we woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had visited our house!  He left treats, toys and a book for the girls and he left eggs filled with candy all over the house.  Emmy had fun collecting the eggs for her basket.  I forgot to take pictures of that Easter egg hunt - I think I had the video camera.

{Emmy loves all things princess, so she, of course, got a princess Easter basket}

The kids decorated Easter eggs after conference.  Gotta decorate Easter eggs!  Emmy loves that she can do a lot of these things with just a little help these days.  Last year I basically decorated the eggs for her.  She's getting so big!

 {Emmy's fake smile :) }

{Working hard to decorate those eggs}

{So colorful!}

It was wonderful having Easter fall on General Conference Sunday.  I thought it was such a special way to spend the day, listening to our Prophet and Apostles.  We didn't get pics of the girls in their Easter dresses because it was SO windy outside, but we will be having a photo shoot soon.  

Hope you all had wonderful Easters, too!


The Yoder's Four said...

I love Emmy in that veil!! She looks like she belongs in a Mexican painting that I saw in New Mexico. So cute.

Hoylelicious said...

She is such a girl - dressing up for the hunt! LOVE IT!!

Does she look alike like you did when you were little? I see a lot of you in her.

Bonnie said...

I love the picture where Emmy is showing you her basket. It's artistic!