Monday, September 21, 2009

Labor Day {Iron County Fair!}

Who doesn't love going to the fair? The Iron County Fair is always on Labor Day weekend and we usually go. This year, we didn't actually make it into the fair, but at a park right outside the fairgrounds. They had bouncy houses and a "train" ride, so we thought that was good enough (and Emmy didn't know the difference). It made for cheaper rides and a great time!

Here are some highlights:

Emmy rode this "train" (pulled by a riding lawn mower) at least 3 times. She loved it!

Jake braved the bouncy slide with her. This is the trek up . . .

. . . and the ride down

Then there's the bouncy house. We couldn't get her to come out! Love this pic . . . she looks so nostalgic

Look at that air!

So exhausted :)

We ended the day in St. George at Lindsey and Derek's house with swimming, 4-wheeling and, of course, BBQ. Love Labor Day!

Emmy 4-wheeling with Ella and dad

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Mary said...

So fun! Those bounce houses are the best! Emmy is so darn cute! I know I say that a lot, but it's true :)