Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kate's Blessing Day

Kate's blessing was this past Sunday. Jake gave her a beautiful blessing!

The dress Kate wore is a dress my mom made. Ella, my niece, wore it when she was blessed, Emmy wore it when she was blessed and so it was Kate's turn to wear it. It is made out of raw silk and has the most adorable pleats on the sleeves. It is a beautiful dress and Kate looked beautiful in it!

Family picture :)

Kate just chillin' w/ daddy

People have told me that Kate looks like her cousin, Ella. What do you think?

The beautiful blessing dress

Sweet Kate

It was a special day for our special girl!


Ammon and Tasha said...

Beautiful dress and of course Kate looked darling! Loved the family pic too!

Rachel said...

So pretty!!

Mary said...

So beautiful. Sorry we couldn't be there. You have such a cute family. Miss you guys.

Sammy said...

Such a sweet baby, she looks beautiful i love her dress! such beautiful girls

April said...

So cute!!!! That dress looks just like Ruby's. Love it. Wow she's already so big.

carly k said...

She does look beautiful! Congrats on a special day:)

[ stefanie ] said...

Such a pretty dress on such a pretty little girl!

Hansen Family said...

Oh she is so pretty!!!