Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kate {8 Weeks}

Has it already been 8 weeks? It seems like just a week or two ago we were bringing this sweet little girl home from the hospital. But it will be 8 weeks tomorrow that Kate Isabella joined our family. She is such a sweet little baby. She is starting to interact with us which is so much fun! I love making her smile and coo!

She's sleeping through the night most nights (goes to bed anywhere from 9 to 11 and doesn't wake up until the next morning around 9:00!) which is a huge thing! The first 5 or 6 weeks were really rough. She'd wake up anywhere from 1 am to 3 am and be awake and fussy until 7 am. Not so great when you have a two-year-old to take care of the next day. And Jake would help me (such a great husband and dad) even though he had to work the next day. So we're doing great now! And she and Emmy take naps at the same time most days (Emmy doesn't always take a nap, I think because she's been waking up after 9 am - how lucky am I? But she has quiet time in her room when she doesn't take a nap). Life is good and we are finally feeling normal again. I've been going to the gym 4-5 times a week and feel great! Got to lose those last 10 pounds of pregnancy weight {plus 10 more for good measure :) }.

Here are some recent (this past week) pictures of Kate:

Emmy absolutely loves and adores Kate

Sweet angel!

This is her getting excited :)

And here is a huge smile!


carly k said...

Awe! She is so cute! I love, love her name. First and middle:) I'm happy to hear things are settling down. I am that person that can't function without at least 8 hours of sleep. And don't worry, I am totally taking advantage of my time before the pups come along:)

Miss you!

Brooke said...

Baby Kate looks like Papa Scott! So cute...

Ammon and Tasha said...

Such a doll!

Rachel said...