Friday, October 31, 2008


We went down to Tuacahn on Thursday night and got to see Thriller from the Odyssey Dance Theatre. It was so awesome!!! I will definitely be going again in the future. Matt Dorame from So You Think You Can Dance performs with them - it was fun to see him dance in person! We took Emmy along with us and she loved watching the dancers! She did so good and just sat on our laps and watched the whole time.

Emmy was a little scared of the zombies

Matt Dorame w/ Linds and me. Poor Emmy was squished between Matt and I. I guess I was trying to get really close to him ;)


Hoylelicious said...

FUN!!! I liked him on so you think you can dance!!!

April said...

I would've loved to have gone to that. I am glad you got the BOO shirt in time to at least wear it once. What a cute halloween costume too.