Saturday, March 22, 2008

Curtain Project

I had been looking for curtains for Emmy's room everywhere and couldn't find any that I liked or any that matched. So I finally decided to make some (with my mom's help - I'm not the best seamstress!). So, voila! I'm so excited to tear down the blanket and have the pretty curtains - they match her bedding, yay! So here is a before and after picture (keep in mind that my parents are still living with us for another couple months so my dad's clothes are hanging on a clothes rack in Emmy's room. Those are the clothes you can see in the pic):




Rachel said...

Way to go it looks great!

patrick & carly said...

Good job Michelle! Those look fantastic!

Chani said...

Those curtains are so beautiful! Good Job!

April said...

So so cute, I love them. Good job, isn't sewing fun? How much longer are your parents staying with you?