Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sick Binga

Our little Emmy Binga hasn't been feeling too great lately. We had her 15 month check-up scheduled a couple of days after she started feeling yucky so I just waited to take her to the Dr. We found out she has another ear infection - in both ears. Poor girl!!! This has, by far, been the worst ear infection she's had. Constant fevers in the low 100's, lots of moaning and sleepless nights. I feel so helpless! Luckily the Dr postponed her immunizations for a couple of weeks.

Yesterday was the worst, she really wasn't herself. I could tell she just did NOT feel good. Needless to say, we've had a couple of movie days. We've had plenty of Baby Einstein, Hairspray and The Incredibles playing on our tv.

Wouldn't eat anything . . . except for marshmallows! What can a mother do?

Yummy, yummy marshmallow

You can see in her eyes that she just doesn't feel good

Yup, not feeling great. Poor Binga!


April said...

Poor thing I hate when they're sick. She looks so pale. Hey when their sick, give them what they'll eat. Ruby loves marshmellows too, sick and sticky.

[StefanieC] said...

She is oh, so darling, even when she's sick! I love her hair and the blog is looking FABULOUS!! Does she really like watching Hairspray?!! We could be pals, her and I, I'm pretty much obsessed. Hope she gets better soon, it's the worst when they're sick.

ashley said...

So sad:( I hate feeling helpless as a parent, that's the worst. Hope she feels better soon for both your sakes. I love that she is still looking stylish even when she's sick. I usually just leave mine in their jammies, but if you're not feeling good you might as well be looking good:)

The Malie's said...

I had to run errands, so I did her hair! At least she's wearing comfy clothes.

And yes, she will totally sit & watch Hairspray, better than The Incredibles right now - so funny!

Lesley said...

She is so cute even when she is sick! Sometimes it is just nice to cuddle at home.

Anne-Marie said...

Poor little baby. Gabe got ear infections like crazy in his first year. But, they just pretty much stopped around 18 months.