Thursday, February 7, 2008

Favorite Things

Here are some of Emmy's favorite things:

Favorite Movie: The Incredibles. This comes in handy when I have bows to make. I just pop in The Incredibles and her attention is totally grabbed by the movie! She also likes Hairspray. Maybe her mom has an influence on this one . . . but when the music comes on, she is dancing and loves it!

Favorite TV Show: Yes, she has a favorite tv show - well, two. They are Super Why! and The Backyardigans. Anything with music she is mesmerized by.

Favorite Food: She LOVES applesauce! She could probably eat it for breakfast, lunch & dinner. She also really likes macaroni & cheese. Her favorite snack is go-gurt and crunchy puffs (they're like Cheetos without the cheese, just salty. She could eat these for a meal!).

Favorite Toy: She loves any stuffed animal! She also loves her Magnedoodle. It has Dora on it and Dora can talk to her. She loves balloons and she loves her plastic blocks - she just likes taking them out of the container and putting them back in. And she puts the handle of the container on her arm and carries it around like a purse. It's so cute!


Lesley said...

So sweet. I love hearing things about Binga! She is so cute. Keep 'em coming!

haley said...

That's so cute. Zion loves the incredibles too. I do the same thing when I'm cleaning or cooking.

April said...

Ruby and Hudson both love Super Why too. They both wake up about 8:00 when its on, I get Ruby's sippy of milk and they watch it on my bed. So cute. She laughs when the pig comes on.
Good idea about her fav things, I maybe have to copy you on that.