Wednesday, September 26, 2007


My parents have been trying to sell their house for a while. They decided they needed to downsize (this usually means they build a bigger house). They've almost sold it twice, but I guess 3rd times a charm because they actually closed on the sale this week. So, that means Jake and I have new roommates! They threatened a few times that they might live with us if they sold their home and they kept true to their threat. We moved them into our 3 bedroom apartment this past weekend. It's nice for my mom because we live underneath her office. She built the office a few years ago and I think it's got about 1300 square feet. But still, it's a tight squeeze for everyone!

We will lose a little privacy for a while, while my parents build their new house, but that's ok. It will be fun, like a sleepover every night! :)

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The Maw Family said...

That will be fun, plus nice help to have your mom there. Maybe give you a break and free in house babysitters. I am sad though because I heard great things about that house and never got to see it. HOpefully this one is just as great.