Monday, September 10, 2007

Binga Bows

I make hair bows and flower clips and I just started my first website to sell them! I'm really excited about it! The name of the company is Binga Bows since Binga's nickname is, well, Binga. To check out the website, click here or you can click on the link under "Other Blogs and Cool Websites" on this blog. We are having a special right now so check it out!


The Maw Family said...

They are so cute, I love them. I thinks its awesome that you've started this. Its funny because for about 4-5 months I have been wanting to start up a little in home company selling these baby blankets I make, so we'll see. Go Girls. Hope its a success.
Hey also, you can do a business on ebay so they buy rather than bid, that would be another way. Good luck. I will buy some soon.

Hi-D said...

So, I want to buy some of those cute bows. I checked out your website. You are an ambitious woman. I've made a few myself, but none as cute as yours. Good luck with your business.