Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What did I do!?!?!?

Ok, so I work a couple times a week for a couple of hours and I have a friend that usually watches Emmy. Yesterday, her little boy wasn't feeling well so I decided to just go up to work while Emmy was taking her naps (I live in the basement of the office where I work). I took the monitor upstairs with me and made sure that I put a new battery in it. Emmy woke up after I had been at work for about 30 min. but she was just kind of talking, not crying so I decided to leave her until she started crying. Well, she got quiet and I thought to myself "good, she went back to sleep". She had only slept for 30 min. and it would be good if she got a little more. Well, about an hour later I was helping someone at my desk, I glance over at the monitor and it was dead!!!!!!!! I freaked out. I had to excuse myself, I grabbed my purse and I RAN downstairs as FAST as I could! I was about to start bawling when I was unlocking the front door. I ran into Emmy's room expecting to find her screaming . . . but she was fine, just playing and talking to herself. I felt so bad!!!! I couldn't believe the monitor had just died! It was my biggest freak out moment! The lady that I work with said that when I was running out the door my face was bright red . . . I was so sick with panic!!! Anyways, that is my freak out moment. I hope it never happens to any of you moms!!! It was so scary!


The Maw Family said...

Its ok to have those freak outs, they happen easy and I'm sure it won't be that last. You are a good mom that you at least took the monitor, I always forget to turn ours on or take it with me. You're doing great.

TheReadFam said...

I couldn't help but laugh when reading this blog. Because that is totally something that would happen to me and I know the feeling of panic.
Sorry you had to experience that, I can't believe the battery died.

Bonnie said...

Well today I didn't buckle Audrey's car seat into my friends car--we all have bad mom moments. We're lucky they have turned out okay!! I like your blog!