Monday, April 23, 2007


I had the best weekend! My old roommates from Ricks and I had a reunion in Boise (one of the girls lives there now). There are 7 of us and among the 7 of us there are 7 kids, so there were 14 there in all! We had such a blast! We stayed at Ashley's house and hung out, ate, talked about old memories, went to the zoo and just had a great time. Emmy did great on the plane both ways. I was a little nervous about it but she did really good! And I think she had a fun time making new friends :)


The Maw Family said...

That sounds so much fun. I bet it was fun to see them and get away. How much does that chubby baby way any way? Just curious She is so adorable and has so much hair. We should get together sometime.

Kristin said...

cute michelle!

Bonnie said...

Love it Michelle. I'm glad you made your flight. After I left the airport I looked at the clock and thought, dang we're cutting it close!