Sunday, August 22, 2010

Going on a bear hunt

Jake and I decided to head up to Cedar Breaks a couple Saturdays ago. We wanted to do a little hiking and have a picnic.

When we got up there is was freezing and raining! We decided not to go hiking there, after all!

But I did get a pic before we left:

{Doesn't Emmy look cold?)

Instead, we decided to drive home through Brian Head. As we were heading down Parowan Canyon, we found a little place to stop and explore. It turned out to be a great hiking trail. It had stopped raining so we headed out for an adventure!

{I can never resist taking pics of the beautiful things around me!}

Emmy has a book called "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" and that's what we decided to do - go on our very own bear hunt!

{There was this cute little bridge so that we could cross the river}

Emmy was so excited to find a bear! We kept going and exploring . . .

. . . and luckily we didn't find a bear :)

{These leaves were so cool! And I love that they had water drops on them!}

{Me and my girls! I love Emmy's pose here}

{Kate and her crazy curly hair}

We ended our bear hunt with a picnic on the back of the car. The girls loved it :)

I had big plans to do lots of hiking this summer . . . it didn't happen! But there's still time this year, right? We just need to get a hiking backpack to carry Kate in. Then we will be hiking fools!


Rach said...

So cute!
When we go up in the mountains the girls do the same thing. The LOVE going on a bear hunt!! So CUTE!!!!

Ammon and Tasha said...

you always capture the best pictures! they are soo stinking cute! love it! we should come down and go hiking with you one of these weekends.

The Yoder's Four said...

Emmy...hahaha...what a little diva princess, even out in the woods! We might head up to the mountains this weekend. It looks beautiful!