Monday, June 28, 2010

Kate turns One!

Can you believe this beautiful baby girl is already ONE?!
Seriously - I gave birth to her one year ago.
I still can't believe how fast time has flown.

Poor Katers was sick on her birthday
{Emmy was sick on her first birthday,
too -
what's the deal???} but we still had a
great day!

The plan was to go to the lake on the morning of her birthday. Plans changed and I took Emmy to the lake while Jake took her to the doctor. I will post pics from the lake in a later post. I did feel a little guilty being at the lake while my birthday girl wasn't feeling well, but we had told Emmy we were going and you know how that goes . . . and Jake wanted to stay with Kate.

The good news was that she didn't have an ear infection {which I thought she probably had} but the bad news was that it was a viral infection, which meant there wasn't any medicine we could give her besides Motrin and Tylenol. Luckily her fever broke and by the time we got back from the lake, she was feeling much better.

So we had a little BBQ and then Kate got to dig into her first cake! She was a little hesitant at first {to be expected} but as soon as she realized she could dig in and enjoy, that's exactly what she did!

{As you can see I have mad cake decorating skills . . . just don't look too closely . . .}

{Dawson was ready to show Kate how it's done}

{She's starting to get her fingers a little dirty . . .}

{Love this pic! She is squishing that cake}

{She finally digs in!}

Kate had a bath and then it was time to open presents. All the kids loved helping her open them! It was a great day and we were excited to celebrate her first year of life!

{She had lots of help opening her presents :) }

Happy Birthday, baby girl!


April said...

OH so sad she was sick on her b-day no fun at all. Such a cutie and still can't believe she's 1 kills me how fast it really goes. The cake looks delish by the way.

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Her b-day is the 28th? Me too. Happy birthday to her.

The Yoder's Four said...

I love that "1" onesie!! She is a doll. That past year went by so fast. Happy b-day Kate!

Anne-Marie said...

I think it is a rite of passage to be sick on their 1st b-day. I think all of mine were. She is just gorgeous! Happy B-day Kate!

Mary said...

I'm glad she started feeling better for her party! Looks like a lot of fun! Happy birthday Kate:)We love you.

Hoylelicious said...

HOLY COW SHE IS ONE!!! That is crazy!! I still remember when you were pregnant with Emmy and now you hae 2 kids and Kate is one!! Crazy how time flies. Love the pictures and the cake :)