Saturday, July 18, 2009


My sis-in-law, Sonya, saved me last week by coming down to Cedar City, picking Emmy up, and heading down to St. George overnight. It gave me time for some much needed rest and bonding time with Kate. Thanks Sony! I love you!

After St. George, Sony brought her kids, Emmy and my sister, Lindsey's, kids back to Cedar City to spend some time w/ Grammy and Papa. Lindsey ended up joining us after she got a little break from her kids. We decided it was time to get some pics of all the grandkids, including the two brand-new ones. It's hard getting five kids and two babies to all cooperate at the same time!

This pic is so sweet! Emmy and Grey had a blast playing together

The five older grandkids (on top from left - Maddy, Dylan and Ella. On bottom - Grey and Emmy)

All seven grandkids! Maddy is holding Kate (who was hungry and not happy when this pic was taken - what can you do?) and Dylan is holding Dawson :)

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Hansen Family said...

They are most definitely the cutest bunch of kids hands down! (Sorry to everyone else, but just look at them!)
It was really fun to hang out with the kids and they loved playing all day together. Grey and Emmy are great pals now and I love watching them play! (Imaginary b-ball and pirate cove in the pool were hysterical!)