Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Emmy absolutely adores my Grandma Hansen. Grandma came up to visit (we were at my parent's house). Emmy was just following her around and yelling, "Grandma! Grandma!" and she wanted Grandma to pick her up. My poor grandma is 85 years old (or around there) and couldn't pick her up unless she was sitting down. And as you can see, Emmy loved it!

And this pic of Emmy cracks me up. She is such a little cheeser! What a cute girl I have :)


Ammon and Tasha said...

I love the smile she has sitting on your Grandma's lap! So precious!

JLundy said...

Hi Michelle!

Your blog is darling. I need to check out Binga Bows, I didn't know you were doing that. I've got plenty of sisters that would love your creations. Hope you're doing well.

Justi Excell Lundeberg