Sunday, September 7, 2008

Emmy Update

Everyday just gets more and more fun with this cute little sweet pea!

She LOVES to sing (wonder where she gets that from . . . ). A couple of weeks ago we were running some errands. I have a cd w/ a bunch of songs that I like and never noticed Emmy singing along to it. Well, this day she started singing along to a bunch of the songs. It was hillarious! Some of the songs she knows are:

- Miley Cyrus, See You Again
- David Archuleta, Imagine
- Shout! (don't know the artist)
- Timbaland, The Way I Are
- Abba, Honey, Honey
- Fergie, Big Girls Don't Cry
- Songs from Hairspray
- Songs from Enchanted
- Songs from Pete's Dragon
- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
- Itsy Bitsy Spider
- Popcorn Popping

She is also talking more and more, learning new words everyday, and she's starting to talk in sentences. The ones she uses the most are:

- "Is it scary?!" (she loves scary things right now . . .)
- "Are you ok?"
- "I hold you?" (when she wants me to hold her :) )

And instead of saying "yes," she says, "OK!!!" It's so cute, so enthusiastic.

She is starting to throw major tantrums, throw herself on the floor and roll around when she doesn't get what she wants. It's a great time.

Here are some of emmy's favorites:

- Favorite movie is Pete's Dragon.
- Favorite tv show is The Backyardigans
- Favorite food is Mac & Cheese (she asks for it for dinner, "Roni?")
- Favorite drink is Milk
- Favorite toy is her Glow Worm (she calls it her baby)
- She loves playing dress-up
- Favorite book is "Elmo & Abby Want to Play"
- She loves to color with a pen wherever she can - on herself, on a table and sometimes on paper

And something we just found out is that Emmy has some major food allergies. She's allergic to eggs, nuts, peas and (not a food allergy) cats & dogs. We're hoping knowing this and cutting out those things will help with her very dry skin. I'm ready for her to be able to not have to wear pants (she scratches and scratches her knees and feet when they're exposed). She's gotten better since we've cut out those foods, but not 100%. Hopefully it will just continue to get better!


Rachel said...

My Emma does the same thing. With the singing, talking and yes the tantrums. I love your pictures. Emma is growing up so time you guys come up call us. I think we should be in our new home.

Sammy said...

She is so cute, I love that she sings all those songs hilarious.

April said...

super cute, can you believe she is almost 2? Crazy. And the tantrums, oh my I totally know. It must be a girl thing because Hudson never did that. And Ruby's skin is horrible, excema everywhere. She scratches all day too. I wonder if she's allergic to something? How did you find out?

mary said...

Oh, so cute! It's so good that you figured out what was causing her dry skin. I hope it keeps getting better.

Deirdra said...

She's such a doll and growing up too fast! I love the singing, just like her mommy. Good luck with the food allergies, poor girl.

The Jones Fam said...

You do such a good job keeping track of all of cute stages. Allergies are no fun and can be scary!

Sonya said...

She is seriously the cutest. SO GLAD you did the allergy testing - good mom!!! So, I won't be feeding her anymore pb&j sandwiches! Geez! Sorry!
We are planning on coming down in Oct.
Maddy is out of school for a couple of days - getting the details together. Is it still warm enough to swim in Oct. in S.G.? Hope so :-)
love you.