Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh, the joys of motherhood

Yesterday, I got Emmy some oatmeal, put her in front of the tv to watch her morning shows while she ate (SuperWhy and Dragon Tales) and went into the kitchen to get myself some oatmeal. Now, the kitchen is open into the family room so we were basically still in the same room, but my back was to her. I made my oatmeal and put it in the microwave to cook, I turned around and what do I find? Emmy, with oatmeal all over herself (no surprises, right?), all over her highchair (again, no big surprises), all over the carpet and all over the couch. The thing that really gets me is that I usually put a towel underneath her "just in case" but I didn't do that yesterday. Why? I have no idea! I was so mad! She had taken handfulls of oatmeal and just started shaking her hand so that it went everywhere!!! It's messy enough cleaning the oatmeal off of Emmy when she eats it because it's soooo sticky. But cleaning it off the carpet and the couch? Not a fun job, not a fun job at all. So, like the post title says, oh, the joys of motherhood!

The look of guilt! Notice the oatmeal splotches on the back of the high chair, in her hair (I had already cleaned up the tray), and on the couch behind her. And of course all over her face!
Such a fun mess to clean up . . . little spots EVERYWHERE are a lot harder to clean up than one big mess!
Not so bad on the couch, but still not fun to clean up!


patrick & carly said...

Cute high chair!

April said...

oh I hear ya, kids know how to make a mess. I swear the floors gets more food that Ruby's stomch.

mary said...

it must be the age. ellie startd doing that so now i only put a little in front of her & she gets more when its eaten. such a pain. im kinda glad im not alone. but it is cute & kinda funny when its not my kid.