Saturday, June 23, 2007

Any day now

Emmy is getting so close to crawling! I need to baby-proof my house because I haven't yet. It's so funny to see Emmy get up on all 4's and just rock back and forth. Then I usually cheer and she looks at me with this proud look like "Look what I did, mom!" It's so cute! She is just getting more fun every day. I love being a mom! It's so exciting to see her do new things.

I also wanted to show you all what a talented artist my dad is. I got a picture that I took of Venice when I went there about 5 years ago and asked my dad to paint it. It is going up in my kitchen, I just need to frame it. Isn't it good? I love it! Thanks, dad!


The Maw Family said...

Wow I had no idea your dad was so good. That is so awesome. Can he draw people? It would be cool if he could draw Emmy. That is so cute that she goes up on all fours like that. It looks like it will be any day. Good luck

Mrs. B said...

Your dad is amazing! And of course, so is Emmy. Have fun baby proofing. Baby B is always going for our shoes--eww!My life has changed a bunch since she become mobile!

TheReadFam said...

ok uncle Scott! I want one too! (since I was there and all) How much?
Really! I LOVE it, it's amazing!