Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

We had a blast Memorial Day weekend! On Friday night, we had my dad's 60th birthday party. He's getting old, man! We were all there and had a really good time. My mom had it catered by Famous Dave's BBQ (yum yum! Love their cornbread muffins!) and we had it at a park. It was fun!

On saturday we went up to Park City with my sister and her family and stayed until Monday. We were supposed to stay at this really nice condo called The Westgate. It was one of those timeshare presentation things but we were going to be able to stay for $25/night. We made our reservations back in February. So we showed up, went to the timeshare presentation and THEN they tell us they are all sold out, there's no vacancy!!!! What, they couldn't tell us before and spare us the pain? We were like, um, we made reservations back in February and this is the whole reason we came up here! They told us the reservations were based on availability when we got there. Bums! We were so mad!!! I said that that would have been nice to know at the time I made the reservation! They told us we could come back another weekend but we told them, no, we actually couldn't. They ended up putting us up in a different hotel (which stunk because it wasn't as nice at all) and giving us two $50 gift certificates. One for the spa and one for the restaurant. So we had dinner and I got a massage all on them :)

But we had a fun time despite the disappointment. We went down the Alpine Slide and they also had an Alpine Coaster (kind of like a roller coaster but you control how fast you go. It was really fun!). We went swimming and shopping and we just had fun! We love it up there.

There was this bike/walk path by our hotel so we went for a little walk and there was a little creek right next to the path. It was so pretty!

On our way home, we drove down Provo Canyon and stopped at Bridal Veil Falls. There were a ton of people hiking up it, I wished we were able to do that but we weren't equipped for it with the baby. I want to hike that someday. It was beautiful! Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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The Maw Family said...

How fun, its so fun to walk with the babies. They love the outside. Thats too bad about the hotel thing, those things always seem to never work out. And wow about your dad, what an old man he's getting to be. Tell him Happy Birthday. Can't wait to see you guys for Grandpa's B-Day.