Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kate {3 months}

How can this sweet little girl already be 3 months old???

Here are some things I {love} about Kate:

- She is the sweetest baby! She's always ready with a big, slobbery smile :)
- She must really love me, because she sleeps through the night!
- She loves her big sister. She's always watching her and following her around the room with her eyes.
- She's starting to grab things. She loves her playmat because of the animals that dangle down. She reaches out and grabs on!
- She {LOVES} music! Anytime I sing to her, she starts talking and cooing and, I swear, it's like she's trying to sing!
- She started giggling a few weeks ago. Those little giggles are the best sounds ever! I always run to grab the camera when she starts, but I'm always a little too late and barely catch the last giggle.

We love our sweet little Kate!

Huh? You talkin' to me? (Look at those eyelashes - so long and they curl up! Lucky girl!)

Just chillin' with Emmy. Well, Emmy's watching a movie and Kate's just hanging out while I'm getting Sunday dinner ready :)

If it hurts, put a band-aid on it . . .

The other day Emmy told me that her nose hurt and that she "needed a band-aid." We all know that band-aids make everything better!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I {love} this time of year! The air gets crisp, the leaves start to change. I want to make soup and apple pie!

I decided to decorate a little early for Halloween this year.

I bought this at the dollar store:

With a little Modge Podge and glitter, I turned it into this:

So fun! I did it w/ a black tombstone, too. I forgot to take the "before" picture, but here is the "after" pic:

The tombstones were only a dollar each, I already had the Modge Podge, and the glitter was about $3 at WalMart. What a fun and inexpensive way to give your Halloween decorations a little oomph!

Even though I wish I did, I didn't come up with this idea on my own. I got the idea HERE.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Labor Day {Iron County Fair!}

Who doesn't love going to the fair? The Iron County Fair is always on Labor Day weekend and we usually go. This year, we didn't actually make it into the fair, but at a park right outside the fairgrounds. They had bouncy houses and a "train" ride, so we thought that was good enough (and Emmy didn't know the difference). It made for cheaper rides and a great time!

Here are some highlights:

Emmy rode this "train" (pulled by a riding lawn mower) at least 3 times. She loved it!

Jake braved the bouncy slide with her. This is the trek up . . .

. . . and the ride down

Then there's the bouncy house. We couldn't get her to come out! Love this pic . . . she looks so nostalgic

Look at that air!

So exhausted :)

We ended the day in St. George at Lindsey and Derek's house with swimming, 4-wheeling and, of course, BBQ. Love Labor Day!

Emmy 4-wheeling with Ella and dad

Happy Kate

{LOVE} this girl and her sweet little smile!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kate's Blessing Day

Kate's blessing was this past Sunday. Jake gave her a beautiful blessing!

The dress Kate wore is a dress my mom made. Ella, my niece, wore it when she was blessed, Emmy wore it when she was blessed and so it was Kate's turn to wear it. It is made out of raw silk and has the most adorable pleats on the sleeves. It is a beautiful dress and Kate looked beautiful in it!

Family picture :)

Kate just chillin' w/ daddy

People have told me that Kate looks like her cousin, Ella. What do you think?

The beautiful blessing dress

Sweet Kate

It was a special day for our special girl!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fun at the Park

Sometimes you catch the perfect moment on camera. This is one of those . . .

The look of {pure joy}

Sometimes I wish I was a kid again. How would it be to have no worries, no cares in the world? I don't know, I don't remember!

Had to throw in a pic of Kate and I for good measure :)

Whoa, Mama!

The other night, Jake decided to fro out Emmy's hair.

This is what happened!

The big fro!

Monica from Friends, anyone?