Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break 2011!

Watch out, cuz there are a whole lotta pictures coming your way!

We decided to have a little fun and take the girls to Vegas during Jake's Spring Break in March.  We had so. much. fun!

We stayed at The Signature at the MGM.  So nice!  It's the same place we stayed for our anniversary in December.  We liked it so much we decided to go back.

We started our trip at the M&M Factory.  Picture overload here!  We had to get a pic with a bunch of the M&M statues:

Next, we headed next door to the Coca Cola Factory.

Best. Diet. Coke. Ever!  Actually, I think it was Coke Zero, but oh so delicious!
 {A little creepy, but one of the only pics we have of the whole family}

And we tried the Coke around the world flavors.  Some were yummy.  Some were weird.  Some were just plain disgusting.

The girls loved looking out our hotel window.  We were on the 33rd floor, which was considered the penthouse :)  You could see the airport and all of the airplanes, which the girls loved.
 {Checking out the world in their jammies}

The next day we got to spend some time at the pool!  We had 80 degree weather!  It was just what we needed and the girls LOVED swimming.
Emmy kept posing in her new swimsuit.  So sassy!

 {My girls!  Can you tell Kate is ready for her nap? Haha!}

We hung out at the hotel while Kate took her nap.  It was nice to just relax.

We wanted to do something special for Emmy so we took her to Build-A-Bear and let her build her own bear. 
Her favorite part was giving the bear a bath.  She sat there for a few minutes and scrubbed that little bear clean!

She, of course, dressed her bear in a Rapunzel dress.

Kate had fun at Build-A-Bear, too . . .

We wanted to go to The Bellagio to see the water show and the Botanical Gardens.  Both were really fun, but Emmy especially liked the water show.
{We almost have a little crackage incident here . . . hehe}

The Botanical Gardens:

Emmy, our great little photographer, took this pic:

The next morning, we checked out of our hotel and went to see the Lion Habitat at the MGM.  The girls liked watching the lion's play.

Check out the lion getting ready to pounce on the ball in this pic:

Emmy LOVES getting Steamers at Starbucks:

Before we went home, we did a little shopping at Town Square and let the girls play at the park there:

They have a little stage there that Emmy just happened to find . . .

And sing on . . .

Here's what the drive home looked like:

Our trip to Vegas was so much fun!  It was nice to get away for a few days and just relax.  Spend time with family.  No laundry to do.  No house to clean.  No dishes to put away.  Just spending time together.  We need to do that more often :)