Wednesday, January 30, 2008


About 2 weeks ago I went to SLC to watch Matt and Sony's kids (my brother and his wife) while took a little work-related trip to Vegas. While I was there Emmy started getting really sick, tons of mucus and coughing, puking up mucus, runny runny nose, I mean it was bad. It was just a bad cold. Well, last week I got a call from Sony and she let me know her kids were now sick (of course) and Grey had RSV. Since he probably got sick from Emmy, I started getting worried and set up a doctor's appointment. The doctor told me she could have RSV, but we wouldn't know unless we test her for it. She had all the symptoms (ear infection preceding the cold, lots of coughing and mucus, etc) but unless it got worse (meaning unless she started having problems breathing) we didn't really need to test her. So she probably had RSV but we're lucky it didn't get any worse. It was pretty bad, though, she was sick for about 2 weeks, poor girl! And my doctor told me that RSV is basically a bad cold and lots of kids and adults get it (something I didn't know), but it can progress into pneumonia - that's why it's so bad with infants and their young lungs. So anyways, we've had a rough couple of weeks, preceeded by another rough week or two with the ear infection. Now Emmy is teething (her K-9's, her last 4 teeth!), so I'm not sure if it will get that much better in the next week, but we're hanging in there!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sad news

I was so sad to find out tonight that President Hinckley passed away. He has been the prophet almost as long as I can remember. He was such a sweet man and I always looked forward to hearing him speak at General Conference because he was so fun and so cheerful. What a great loss for the church, he was such a great example! I'm so grateful for all he did and for his emphasis on the importance of temples. He will be missed!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm addicted!!!

That's right, you heard me, I have an addiction. And what, you may be asking yourself, am I addicted to? Well, I'm addicted to . . . cutting my hair! I cut off about 6 inches in November and when I went to get my hair cut last week, I thought, why not cut off another 3 inches? So I did! It felt so great, and I really like the new cut. So does Jake, he just keeps telling me how much he likes it. I feel better now that I've gotten that off my chest :) The first step to addiction is acceptance, right?

Here's the front . . .

And the back . . .

Monday, January 21, 2008

Funny Girl

Just wanted to post some funny pics of Emmy. She is such a funny girl!

What a sweet face! I was taking some pics for my Binga Bows website (that's why she's got flowers in her hair here and bows in her hair below) and got some funny pics

I LOVE this picture! I want to know what she's thinking at this exact moment

Daddy hiked her pants way up making her look like a pregnant baby in maternity pants! I guess she's trying to read here? I'm not sure . . .
Once again, maternity pants, eh? I love her big little belly!

Having fun with Papa. He put his socks on her legs and pulled them all the way up her thighs.
Nice leg warmers
Playing in her new leg warmers

New Words

Here are a couple new words from Emmy:

"Dora" - she says it like "Wo-wa". S0 cute! She doesn't watch Dora but she has a Dora toilet seat and a Dora chair.

"Amen" - she's starting to replace the "Yay!" at the end of a prayer with "Amen!"

"Oh no!" - she says this when she drops her sippy cup or does something else on purpose. Little stinker!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Poor Binga!

Emmy hasn't been feeling too great latelty. First, she's pretty much been teething for the past 7 months. She's already got 12 teeth! She has her 4 baby molars and then the 4 front teeth on top and 4 front teeth on bottom.

She's also been scratching herself all over. She's got eczema on her legs, but she started scratching her head, too. My first thought was, "Oh crap, she has lice!!!", but after a quick examination I was relieved that it was not, in fact, lice. Phew! So finally after a week of scratching, I took her to the doctor. We found out she's got eczema all over her body! It was just little patches that we couldn't see. So sad!!!

And after a quick exam, the doctor also informed us that she has her first ear infection . . . in both ears. Again, so sad!!! We were so focused on her scratching that I didn't notice her tugging her ears or anything (she was scratching around her ears, so that's what I noticed, not any tugging). So this week, we are focused on getting her better!!! No soap in her bath, just a little shampoo to wash her hair. We need to get rid of this eczema! And, of course, anitbiotics for the ear infection. My poor baby! I do have to admit that I love the fact that she has been so cuddly!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Just Say No!

That's Emmy's new motto. Her answer to everything is "no".

For example: "Do you love mommy?" Her answer: "No"

"Do you love daddy?" Her answer: "No"

You get the idea . . .

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


We finally did it! We went to LA and saw Wicked. It was a Christmas present from my mom and we had such a blast. It was a girl's trip, no boys allowed, and so me, Emmy, my mom, my sister (Lindsey), her daughter (Ella), my sis-in-law (Sonya) and her daughter (Maddy) all went on a road trip. That's right, you heard me, road trip. We drove to LA! I was a little nervous about Emmy but she did really well. We also went to the American Girls store, which Ella and Maddy absolutely LOVED. Grammy bought them each a doll (even Emmy got one, but she got a Bitty Baby). Then, for Wicked, the little girls had matching gold dresses to wear (so they could look like Glinda) and got gold dresses for their dolls which, of course, they brought with them to the show. Emmy has a matching gold dress but we didn't get pics with them all together, dang it. Luckily I have a wonderful friend, Randall, who lives in LA who watched Emmy so I could go to the show!!! Thanks, Rand, for being my manny!!! I owe you big time.

It was such a fun trip with the girls. Thanks, mom!!!

Cute cousins!

Mom & Emmy eating crepes at The Grove. She LOVED the crepes!

Emmys first American Girls doll - she kept dropping it in the bag and saying "Uh oh!". We took that doll back and got her the Bitty Baby (a baby doll).

The girls at the theater for Wicked

The theater we saw Wicked at

In front of the theater with my mom - isn't she so cute!

At the American Girls store. The little girls are a little tired, can you tell?

Emmy, me and Randall, my manny :)