Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sisters, Sisters . . .

I had a little {photo shoot} with the girls back in January.

I love it when they play together and are nice to each other!
It makes a mother happy :)

I absolutely LOVE this picture!
Oh how I love Kate's little double chin :)



So precious



What beautiful girls we have!

Kate {18 Months}

Kate turned 18 months in December - yeah, that's how far behind I am!!!

Here were her stats:

{Height} - 32.5 inches {75th % - which, by the way, the dr said was probably wrong since she's so. dang. tall.  The MA measured her wrong}

{Weight} - 27 lbs, 12 oz {88th %}

 {with grammy's reading glasses on}

This girl is full of life and sass!
She loves throwing tantrums and is really, really great at it.
She pulls Emmy's hair or hits her when she's mad at her.  Because of this, she gets put on time-out every now and then.  But the kicker is that she likes time-out!  After I take her out of time-out, she asks to go back . . . I don't think she gets the concept quite yet.

Kate is great at saying prayers!  We tell her what to say, and she does her best at saying all of the words.  It's so precious and so cute.

She is such a great talker and knows her animal sounds {dog, cat, horse, pig, cow, lamb, duck - the basics} and can sort of count.  Her counting sounds like this,
"one, six, nine, ten!"  I love it when she does that :)

She knows one of her shapes - the circle!  And she can sort of draw it.  She will keep drawing around and around and say, "circle!"

Her "lamby" {pictured in the top and bottom photos} is attached to her hip.  She can't go anywhere without lamby!  Needless to say, lamby gets washed every week.

Kate is a total daddy's girl!!!!  If daddy is home, she wants nothing to do with her mom.  If I try to pick her up or console her in any way, she denies me!  She just wants her dad.

She loves watching Tinkerbell and Diego.  They are her favorites!

Her favorite foods are berries {of any kind}, olives, hot dogs, applesauce and green beans.  She has always been such a great eater - SO unlike her sister.  Oh, and she LOVES her milk!

{swimming at the new aquatic center}

Kate Isabella is so spunky and so stubborn!
What are we going to do when she is a teenager?!
I'm a little worried about that one . . . 

But there's no doubt about it - our family would not be the same without this little ray of sunshine in it!

It's been so long . . .

I'm Fired.  F-I-R-E-D, Fired.  With a capitol "F"!

My poor little blog has been neglected lately and it's time I get my booty going and update it.

I will be doing a few different posts to get this blog nice and updated.

And we are still going private.  I made one last announcement on Facebook and am waiting to see if anyone else wants an invite before I make the switch.  So it will be sometime this week.  Just thought I'd let ya'll know since I know you're waiting in anticipation . . .